Compaan Technology

Compaan Design is the technology leader in C-to-Dataflow conversion and its core technology is presented in the picture below. It shows a HotSpot expressed in C-code. This code is processed by the Compaan HotSpot Parallelizer into a Process Network. This is a complete mathematical procedure and as such makes sure that the behavior in C-code is also the behavior of the Process Network. The Process Network which captures the dataflow in the C-code in a natural way also expresses the C-code in terms of task, data and pipeline parallelism. Next step is to deploy the Process Network onto a compute architecture. This step is performed by the Compaan Code Generator. Currently two architectures are supported; generic multicore and FPGAs.


For Multicore, the Process Network described the threads necessary to partition the workload over multiple cores. Currently, two thread models are supported; the Pthread model and the Intel Threading Building Block® (TBB) model. Moving to other thread libraries can be done very easily.

For FPGAs, the Compaan technology has been extensively tested on Xilinx FPGAs using the Xilinx ISE®/EDK® products. Other FPGAs are also supported. The data flow model naturally captured by the Process Network is mapped very efficiently on one or more FPGAs, which leads naturally to low-latency high-throughput design. The communication between the processes is expressed in streams that are mapped very efficient on FIFOs.





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