Competence of Compaan Design

Dataflow Theory

Compaan Design has extensive knowledge of dataflow. Over the past 15 years the Compaan Design team members were involved in the academic world, including written or co-authored over 50 peer reviewed articles published in academic press discussing the Compaan technology, system architecture exploration, and dataflow techniques.

FPGA programming

  • ISE®/EDK® tool flow from Xilinx
  • PCI Express at both the HW and SW level. Compaan has developed its own PCI Express DMA block and PCI Express drivers for Windows
  • Microsoft Windows Driver Kit environment to develop drivers for Windows
  • Programming of one or more Microblaze® softcores on a Xilinx FPGA
  • Knowledge of Xilinx FPGA families
  • Knowledge of IEEE standard 1685-200 (IP-XACT)
  • Experience with C-to-VHDL compilers, in particular the CatapultC® environment from Mentor Graphics and AutoESL® from Xilinx
  • Building complex designs using hierarchical techniques
  • Testing and validation of complex designs
  • Knowledge of VHDL and to a lesser extend Verilog


  • Intel® and AMD® Multicore programming
  • Low latency task scheduling
  • Pthread/Intel Threading Building Blocks® (TBB) thread libraries
  • Compiler Technology
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